Why is it difficult for me to quit my job?

The easy answer to this question is you need a paycheck.

The truth is you find it hard to quit your job because you’re afraid. More specifically, you’re afraid of the unknown. Currently, you have a decent idea of your boss and the players on your team and know your current role pretty well. Quitting means getting to know a new team, learning new responsibilities, and having faith that you don’t end up in a worse situation than you’re in now. You’re comfortable with your work situation, and the optimist in you has hopes that your company will change and align to a workplace that is a better fit for you. Unfortunately, the chances of that are doubtful.

To help you make a more sound decision of whether you should quit your job, you have to get clear on your fears.

Here are some reflection questions I use to gain clarity on my fears.

Ask questions.

To get through to your true fears, ask questions until you arrive there. Most people fear losing a paycheck. If you keep digging down to the root of that fear, it’s the fear of losing security for yourself and your family—the fear of not having a place to live and begging for money for food. The likelihood of that ever happening is remote, but it’s a fear that most people have.

Tapping into your true fears will reveal the thing you fear most will rarely happen. Additionally, you’ll see that you’ll have to walk through several doors before you reach your ultimate fear. Trust that you have the skills and talent to persevere should those doors reveal themselves.

Determine what you fear most.

What do you fear most? There are three types of pain you’re avoiding, loss pain, process pain, and outcome pain. Loss pain is the fear of feeling the pain of losing something important to you. Process pain is the fear that the process will be too challenging. Outcome pain is the fear that the effort you put in won’t lead to the outcome you want.

When you reflect on your own situation, ask yourself what the probability of these fears coming true. Also, determine if and if you have the tools to handle these fears.

Overcome the doubt.

To overcome your doubts and gain clarity of your fears, reflect on the following questions:

Is this worry helpful for my current situation?

Will the belief I am holding carry me to my desired life?

Is this situation in my control?

What judgment can I release now?

What is the next right action of integrity?

Spending time reflecting on your worries and fear helps you take control of your thoughts. Additionally, you’ll begin to gain the courage to face your fears and realize that your thoughts and fears aren’t real; it’s just your imagination running wild in a negative manner.



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Christmas Hutchinson

Christmas Hutchinson

Christmas is a Growth Mindset Coach and Host of The ChrissyTV Podcast. Connect with her at www.chrissytv.com.